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Egyptians do suffer from this procedure, and consider it harsh. Because of the big difference in prices in comparison to the West and the Gulf countries, Egyptians tend to bring goods inside and benefit from that difference.

You can bring 2 bottles of alcohol and 100 cigarettes without paying any duties. Other duty-free stuffs including your personal clothes and other personal effects can be brought in.

But any electrical, and valuable, equipments might be charged before your entry. One smart thing is to tell the officer that you will take them back with you as soon as you finish your trip. They might register it on your passport and check the stuffs upon your departure. This usually happens especially with camcorders, laptops, PC accessories, VCRs …etc.

Apart from liquors that can be brought inside the country, you have the concession of buying alcohol from the duty-free shop which lies just in the arrival hall as you leave the airport (ask for it's location in the airport). You have a certain quota that you shouldn't exceed.
You can buy up to 4 bottles in the airport at your arrival; otherwise you can buy only 3 bottles from other duty-free shops in Cairo within one day of your arrival date. Remember to take your passport with you.

Examples of problematic stuffs for the customs

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