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Traffic is hazardous. All major roads are paved, but many others are not. Many drivers are careless; as a result
Streets of Cairo, it's all about chaos
Egypt has one of the world's highest rates of road accidents. Adding insult to injury, Egypt's highways are not up to international standards, though officials are making efforts to improve these conditions.

Driving is very dangerous at roads of Upper Egypt and Delta because they are usually go along canals. Also very dangerous are the roads of Sinai because of the rugged terrain there and the difficulty to monitor roads. In some of the roads, drivers can be interrupted by wild animals including camels, so care should be observed.

Should you decide to hire or get in shared taxis -usually a Peugeot- it is recommended to select a driver who looks wise and relatively old, as younger drivers are usually those who have the guts to break speed limits so as to make more work cycles in the shortest time possible.

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