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Food & Beverages
Some dishes are interesting; others are tasty only for Egyptians. You can find Western dishes in several restaurants and hotels, especially in main
KFC American fast food restaurants
cities. Most hotels serve a variety of Egyptian and Western dishes.

Typical and popular Egyptian dishes are :
Ful Medammes = brown fava beans stewed and dressed with Tahini, oil and cumin.
Ta'meyya (or falafel)= Fried patty contains seasoned beans, soybeans, onions and parsley.
(The previous are usually served as sandwiches. They are as popular as burgers to Americans,)
Koshari = Spiced mix of rice, lentils, macaroni and o
Ma7shi = Vegetables (grape leaves, eggplant, zucchini and cabbages) stuffed with a mix of rice and meat.
Milookhiyya = An Egyptian Green Herb Soup
Kofta = Spiced then grilled or fried meat balls (actually bars rather than balls).
Shish Kebab = roasted and chopped meat over coal.
Shawerma = Broiled mix of mutton, cut in thin slices and arranged chronically on a vertical skewer. Usually presented in a sandwich.
Mesa2a3a = Fried slices of eggplant cooked in a tomato sauce.
cans of beer
bottles of local beer
Bamya = Cooked Okra
Livers = Fried or grilled (Alexandrian).

As being barred by Islam, Egyptians, generally, don't eat pork, with the exception of Copts and other rites. However some delis can still sell pork and cold cuts. The most famous shop of those is Morcos located downtown (see Addresses > Food & Beverages for details).

cans of beer
bottles of local beer

Most Egyptians don't drink liquors; yet several liquor stores are located in downtown of main cities.
Local beer is light and of a high quality. The famous brands are Stella and Sakkara. More good tasty wines are available such as the Ptolemies, Obelisk and Omar al-Khayyam.
Whiskey, Vodka, Champagne, Scotch, Cognac and other booze are obtainable, preferably, of imported brands.

Ful Medammes


Sanwiches usually containing Ful or Ta'meyya

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