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Egypt is square in shape of an area of about 1,001,450 km2. It's a vast area of desert except for the Nile valley as the glorious river flows in the middle of the country making the valley the most fertile part of Egypt.

The valley splits the desert in 2 parts; the eastern desert which is confined to the east with the Red Sea, with ridges of mountains near the seashore, and the western desert which is Egypt's roughest deserts except for some splendid oases.

At Cairo, the Nile splits into two main branches, Rosetta and Damietta, forming the fructuous Nile Delta in between.
Sinai Peninsula, the Asian part of Egypt, lies to the east of the valley in between the two gulfs of the Red Sea: Aqaba and Suez.

mountains The rugged terrain of Sinai
Sinai is confined to the east by Israeli borders and to the west by the famous strategic Suez canal, the shortest passage between the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea that links Europe to the Indian Ocean and the eastern hemisphere.

Sinai has a jagged terrain, especially in the south where Egypt's highest peaks of mountains lie, particularly Mount Catherine and Mount Moses.

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