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Getting Around
By Air
EgyptAir and Air Sinai operate between Cairo and the following destinations: Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Aswan, Abu Simbel, St. Catherine monastery and Kharga Oasis.

By Land

Buses are everywhere and they are scattered along the country.
Deluxe buses run between major cities. Prices are relatively cheap.
The following networks cover the country: Superjet, Upper Egypt, West Delta, East Delta.

Because Egypt was under the British mandate at the time trains were built, Egypt was one of the early countries to experience the new mean of transportation. However, the network is not so reliable nowadays, when it comes to speed.
But trains offer a good and safe means in comparison to other means.
Regular trains run many times through the day between Cairo and major cities including Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Luxor, Aswan, Port Said, Ismailia and Suez.
For Luxor and Aswan, Wagon-Lits are available; the fare includes dinner and breakfast.
Fares of traveling are as follows:

Cairo and Alexandria are the only cities that have a tram due to the fact that they have the highest population in Egypt. The tram is so vital to the Alexandrians and so helpful for traveling along the coast. However, in Cairo, the tram is getting obsolete as by time it became slower than other traffic means.
Cairo's subway routes are the first in the Middle East. It was a must to establish them as to serve the increasing population of the capital.
Now 2 lines are running: The first runs from northern Cairo at al-Marg station down to the southern suburb of Helwan.
The second line runs from the Cairo district of Shobra to Giza Square going beneath the Nile. Please (check Destinations> Cairo) for more information.
Taxis are everywhere in major cities. If you want a taxi, directly stop an empty one by waving your hand.
They usually got a taximeter that seems to be an ornament rather than a necessary equipment. You have to rely much on bargaining when using cabs.
By car:
Driving is dangerous, but if you're so skilled and talented you can rent a car.
There are several rental car agencies like Avis, Budget and Hertz. You can also get a 4WD to travel to the Red Sea, Sinai or go on SafarisWhat does it mean?, a wonderful experience for those who seek adventure.
For driving in Egypt, an International Driving License is required.
Known as autostop in Egypt, hitchhiking is easier than abroad. Sometimes you have to offer some money to the driver, but avoid paying drivers of luxury cars as they might consider it rude. Please ask first.
Women are not advised to hitchhike when alone.

By Sea
A typical journey to Egypt may include traveling from Cairo down to Aswan in Nile Cruises.
Actually many tourists tend not to miss this splendid experience.

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