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Getting There
By Air
It is the best transportation method to arrive in Egypt.
Egypt has 6 international airports at Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.
Egypt Air
Egypt Air
National air carrier
Incoming travelers usually come through Cairo International Airport located in the north of the capital.

The airport has 2 terminals; the old terminal -terminal 1- and the new terminal -terminal 2-. Most Western airlines operate in terminal 2 while EgyptAir and other airlines use terminal 1.
Some other airlines like Lufthansa and Olympic airlines fly through Alexandria airport. Other airports operate mainly for charter planes especially during high seasons.
Following are the regular flight from and to big cities of the world, for more information, please contact offices of the respective airline at your country.

By Land

From Israel:
The traveler may use public transportation in order to get in the country. One can enter the country from either Eilat-Taba crossing at the southern border or from Rafah crossing at the northern border.

Egged Egged buses in Israel

Rafah: Egged bus # 362 leaves the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv to Rafah crossing at 08:50 every morning passing through Ashkelon at 10:00.

Eilat-Taba: Buses # 15 and 16 from the Central Bus Station in Eilat frequently leaves to Taba everyday.

Visas are not offered at borders so you must get it from the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv or the consulate in Eilat.

From Libya:
Regular buses and shared taxis operate between Cairo and Tripoli. Please contact East Delta transport for more details.
From Sudan:
It's rather an adventure more than a journey. The best thing is use a 4X4 car, or else you can ride a camel. But anyway you have to accompany a local guide to help you cross the borders.

By Sea
From Sudan:
A traveler can get on a steamer that goes from WadiWhat does it mean? Halfa in Sudan to Aswan in Egypt, going through Nasser Lake.
From Jordan and Saudi:
A ferry operates between Aqaba in Jordan and Nuweiba in Egypt. In Aqaba, visa issuance is possible.
There is also a Jeddah-Suez route.

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