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Holidays & Working Hours
Egypt uses 3 calendars: Gregorian calendar, Hegra calendar (Islamic) and Coptic calendar, and for that reason dates of holidays vary from one year to another. (Please, check Useful Phrases section for list of months for each calendar).

Following are the holidays effective for the year 2004:

New Year's Day 1 January
Coptic Christmas 7 January
Eid El-Adha (Bairam)* 1 - 4 February
Islamic New Year* 21 February
Coptic Easter* 11 April
Sham El-Nessim (Smell the Brease)* 12 April
Sinai Liberation Day 25 April
Labor Day 1 May
Mulid En-Nabi (Prophet's Birthday)* 2 May
1952 Revolution Anniversary 23 July
October War Anniversary 6 October
Holy Month of Ramadan starts* 16 October
Eid El-Fetr (Bairam)* 14 - 16 November
Christmas (Western) 25 December
* Those are variable holidays whose dates vary from one year to another

All governmental offices close at these days including the post office.
Friday is the country's weekend and almost all government offices close at that day. Banks, embassies, insurance companies and some private businesses close on Saturdays in addition to Fridays. Some other government offices close on Thursdays. Shops and some private businesses close on Sundays. It's pretty confusing, but you should find no trouble dealing with this.

Working hours are from 9 am to 4 or 5 PM approximately. These hours always shrink during Ramadan, the holy month of Moslems. Ramadan will begin this year on October 16th and end on November 13th.

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