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Arabic is the official language of Egypt. Spoken Arabic of the Egyptians is the colloquial (Aamy) which differs a lot than the Standard Arabic (FosHa) which the people use in writing letters, books, newspapers, prayers and historical TV series and movies.

hospital The Lord's Prayer as it appears in Standard (formal) Arabic

The colloquial is more simplified but not that much easier to learn.
The Egyptian colloquial is the most famous among the Arab world. This is because Egypt dominates the Arab world in mass media, TV broadcastings and movies … etc. In fact, Cairo is considered the Hollywood of the Arabs.
Learning few Arabic is recommended to deal with Egyptians … please Check (Useful Phrases) for more information.

English is widely spoken especially by upper classes and people involved in tourism industry. Other languages that you can find somebody who speaks them are French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

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