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Egypt's mailing process is slow. Outgoing mail to other countries takes from 4 to 21 days depending on the destination. Incoming mail takes the same interval of time.

A stamp to an Arab country costs 1.50 L.E and 2 L.E to other countries of the world.

Mail boxes
Mail boxes, blue for airmail and red for domestic mail
Outgoing parcels and big packages must be weighted for cost estimation. Some incoming parcels are subject to inspection and customs, and valuables will be charged by a calculated fee. For some reason, some books are sometimes subject to customs.

If you want to send an important letter or parcel, ask about registering your mail. Other safe method is to use express mail like DHL, FedEx, UPS, OCS, TNT and EMS. (See addresses > Express mail for more details).

Do not import or export quantities of the same thing or else you will have to spend half of your trip period dealing with the labyrinthine government offices.

International couriers available in Egypt

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