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It is a prosperous aspect of the country. There are large quantities of papers in comparison to the number of the literate people. Alahram and Alakhbar
The Peasants Egypt's newspapers
are the country's main national papers. Alwafd is the main opposition paper and it represents the opposition party that bears the same name.

There are also the English-language papers including The Egyptian Gazette, an 8-pages daily paper with its Saturday edition called The Egyptian Mail. English weeklies include: Middle East Times Egypt, Cairo Times and Alahram weekly. Some magazines are also published in English language such as Pharaoh and Egypt Today.

You will find many Western papers in some newsstands; the list includes International Herald Tribune, Financial Times and The Times. Not only that,
The Peasants Newstands
but other European-language papers are available like German, French and Italian papers.

Egypt had launched 2 satellites, which gave Egypt a pioneer position among Arab countries in the Middle East. Many hotels are supplied with satellite dishes so a guest should feel so close to his homeland and can follow up recent developments in the world. Egyptian TV has 9 local microwave channels. One of them is the English-spoken NileTV channel. Programs are broadcasted in French as well and very recently Hebrew. The channel itself is not so much interesting but it is sometimes good enough to keep you up with the up-to-date world affairs.
The Peasants



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