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For citizens of developed and industrial countries including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, Egypt is an inexpensive country. Food is cheap in comparison to the West. A typical meal in a fast food restaurant might cost you 10-15 L.E. Vegetables are significantly cheap as well, while fruits are at moderate price. Machines and cars -however- are expensive, as they are the main imported goods.

car cars are very expensive particulary to Egyptians

Following are examples of everyday life:
Room in a reasonable luxury hotel: 50-100 $ per day. (Dependable on the season).
Rent of a flat in a prestigious province: 1000 $
Toyota Corolla Car 70000 LE.
A frozen chicken 10 LE
I kg of meat 25 LE
chicken Chicken are bought for an average price of 8 L.E
1 Kg of Ham: 14 LE
1 Kg of Cheese 8 LE
Egg 0.40 LE
1 kilogram of sugar 2 LE
Admission prices to archeological sites 20 LE
Domestic flight from Cairo to Luxor: 200 LE
VCR: 800 LE.
4000 LE
Digital camera 1500 LE

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