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Egypt is a safe country. In fact you won't hear about these terrifying armed robberies that happen in Western cities.

Though Egyptian community is relatively indigent, people generally tend to stick to religious values when it comes to misdemeanors and felonies. That does not rule out regular robberies and crimes but you should always take care of your stuffs especially at crowds.

The record of human rights violations in Egypt is not so much clean but foreigners, particularly tourists , enjoy special treatment and attention.

In most occasions, tour buses travel in convoys accompanied by guarding police cars. Though this might not comfort some people, indeed it is a very safe measure.

Still, you can roam alone in nearly any place in the country, but with general caution.

The protection of tourists is a highest priority for the Egyptian government. There is a special police department for tourism. They can also receive any complaint regarding any fraud or harassment. You can find an office for them beside most monuments.

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