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The Islamic extremists launched an anti-government campaign of violence in the early 1990s aimed at toppling the current government and establish an Islamic state.

The Pyramids
Deir El-Bahari Temple
Scene of the last terrorist attack

Following Luxor attack in 1997, Egyptian authorities carried out very successful counter-terrorism efforts, which resulted into a unilateral cease-fire declared by the militants and the decline of terrorism from that time on.

Later, Egyptian officials intensified security at tourist sites all over the country.

Following is excerpts from the annual "Patterns of Global Terrorism" report, released May 2003 by the US Department of State:
"The Egyptian and US Governments continued their close cooperation on a broad range of counterterrorism issues in 2002. The relationship deepened in 2002 as the countries coordinated closely on law-enforcement issues and the freezing of assets ... the Egyptian Government deepened its information-sharing relationship in terrorist-related investigations.

The Egyptian Government, both secular and clerical, continued to make public statements supportive of US efforts and indicative of its commitment to the worldwide campaign against terrorism.

In addition to combating global terrorism, Cairo continued to place a high priority on the protection of US citizens and facilities in Egypt.

Egypt was for many years itself a victim of terrorism. President Mubarak first called for an international conference to combat terrorism in 1986. With US assistance and training, Egypt has effectively combated the internal terrorist/extremist threat. There were no acts of terrorism in Egypt in 2002, either against US citizens, Egyptians, or other nationals. The Government continued a “zero tolerance” policy toward suspected terrorists and extremists.

Egypt is a party to nine of the 12 international conventions and protocols relating to terrorism."

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