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Basic Words
The table below illustrates words and phrases in English followed by the Arabic transliteration in Latin letters and finally the Arabic transcript.
Clicking on the transliteration, you'll hear the the pronunciation. Click here for the transliteration rules.
Check in
shek in
Check out
shek out
Sea side
Aala el-bâHr
Do you speak English ?
betet kallem engelizi?
Where is the hotel?
fein el-fondo'?
Can you show me the way to the hotel ?
momkin tewarrini el-tari' lel fondo' ?
Are pets allowed here ?
hal masmouH el-Hayawanat el alifa?
Are there any messages for me ?
fih rasa'el leyya?
Can i have my key please ?
momkin akhod moftaHi?
Can i drink the tap water ?
hal momken ashrâb men mayyet el-Hanafeyya?
Can i get a copy of this ?
hal momkin akhod noskha?
Can this be replaced ?
momkin abaddel dah?
Can you authorize this ?
dah masmouH?
Can you recommend a babysitter ?
momken tedelleni Aala galisat aTfal?
Can you recommend a good hotel ?
momken terashaH fondo' kowayyes?
Charge it to our room
dief el-Hesab Aala el-ghorfa.
I'd like to see the room
ana Aawwez ashuf el-oaDa
May i see other rooms ?
momkin ashuf oaDa tanya?
Do you have any cheaper rooms ?
fih oaDa arkhâs?
Could you please give me a quieter room ?
momken teddini oaDa ahda?
Does this cost extra ?
hal dah yesawi aghla?
Do you accept credit cards ?
bete'bal credit cards?
Do you work here ?
enta beteshtaghal hena?
Come in !
Forward my calls to ..
Hawwel el-mokalmat ela ..
Here is my card
ahho carti
Here is my passport
ahho basbori
How long can i stay here?
lei ghayet emta momkin aAod hena?
How long will you be staying?
li ad eih hatoAod?
How long will it take to get downtown?
fi ad eih wa't momkin âwsâl le west el-balad
How much do i owe you?
kam el-mafroud adfaAlak?
How much is the room per night ?
bikam el-oaDa felleila?
I'd like a single room
Aawez oaDa single?
I'd like to have breakfast
Aawez aftâr
I don't like ..
mosh Aawez
I don't understand the regulations
mosh Aaref el-taAlimat.
I'm staying for a week
ana haAod lei osbouA
I reserved a room under the name ..
ana Hagazt taHht esm ..
Is it expensive ?
hal dah ghali?
Is there a charge ?
hal fi taman?
Is there a television in the room ?
hal fi televezion fi el-oaDa?
Is the room air conditioned ?
hal el-oaDa mokayyafa?
It's too expensive
dah ghali giddan
It's too noisy
dah dawsha giddan
I've lost my key
ana DâyyaAt moftaHi
I would appreciate a wake-up call tomorrow morning
men fâDlâk saHHini bokra el-Sobh.
I would like a room overlooking the sea
Awwez ghorfa Aala el-bHr.
May i have a receipt ?
momkin akhod wasl?
May i have breakfast in my room ?
momkin akhod el-feTar fel oaDa?
Would it be possible to stay an extra night ?
momkin aAod leila zeyada?
May i see the room ?
momkin ashouf el-oaDa?
My room number is
oDti rakam .
Please come back later
taAala wa't tani
Please wake me at 7 o'clock
SaHHini bokra el-saAa sabAa
Put it on my bill
dief dah Aala el-Hesab
There is a plumbing problem in my bathroom
fi moshkela fi el-magari
There is no Hot water
mafish mâyya sokhna.
This is no good
da mesh kewayyes
This is not clean
dah mosh neDief
We're leaving in the morning
eHna mashyyien el-SobH badri
We will be arriving late
ana Hawsal met'akhar
What's the exchange rate?
eih seAr el-taHwil
What time is check-out ?
emta el-check out?
When is breakfast ?
el-feTar emta?
When is dinner ?
emta el-Aasha?
Where can I mail a letter?
fein momken abAat gawab?
Which credit cards do you accept ?
eih el-credit cards elli momkin adfaA biha
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