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Common Expressions
The table below illustrates words and phrases in English followed by the Arabic transliteration in Latin letters and finally the Arabic transcript.
Clicking on the transliteration, you'll hear the the pronunciation. Click here for the transliteration rules.
Be careful!
khod balak (m) / khodi balik (f)
As a matter of fact
fel Ha'i'a
As soon as possible
fi a'râb wa't momken
At home
fel beit
Call me at.
eteSSel beyya el saAa .
I can't
I don't care
I don't know
mesh Aaref
I don't like it
mesh Aagebni
I enjoyed my stay very much
ana estamtaAt bel eqama
I have forgotten ..
ana nessait .
I have no money
maAyiesh felus
I haven't finished
I have to make a phone call
lazem aAmel mokalmet telefoan
Can i.?
momken . ?
Can i have.?
momken akhod . ?
Can you direct me to.?
momken tewâSSlni li .?
Can you give me some information?
momken teddini shewayyet maAloumat?
Did you sleep well last night ?
nemt kewayyes embaraH
Do me a favor
momken teAmelli khedma
Excuse me, i need some help
baAd eznak meHtag mosaAda
Here is .
ahho .
From my point of view ..
men weg-het nâzâri
Give me a call sometime
eteSSel beyya ay wa't
Hang up the phone
e'fel el sekka
Here's my address & phone number
ahho Aenwani wi nemret telefoni
Hold on , please!
khalliek Aala el khât!
How can i contact you ?
ezzay awSâllâk?
How come ?
How do you like it here?
eih râ'yak fi hena?
How do you spell that?
testahagga ezzay?
How far?
beAied add eih?
How long ?
li add eih wa't?
Are you married? (to a male)
enta metgawez?
How many children do you have?
Aandak kam Aayyel
Are you married? (to a female)
enti metgawezza?
How many times ?
kam mârra?
How much ?
kam mârra?
Hurry up !
yalla besorAa
I'm in a hurry
ana mestaAgel
I'm just looking
ana bas bâboss
I'm sorry i speak so little
ana motassef batkallem olayyel
I'm very grateful for your kindness and hospitality
ana bashkor karam Deyaftâk
I'm tourist
ana sayeH
I'm staying for a week
ana aAed osbouA
I'm very upset
ana zaAlan
Is this seat free ?
el korsi dah faaDi?
It doesn't matter
da mayhemmesh
It's important
dah mohem
It's really not my fault
mesh ghâlTeti
It's a wrong number
el nemra ghâlaT
I've changed my mind
ana ghâyyârt râ'yi
I've lost my ticket
ana DayyaAt el tazkâra
I will call back later
ana HâtteSSel biek tani
May i ask you a question ?
momken as'al so'al?
May i borrow a pen ?
momkin astelef alam?
May i take your picture ?
momken akhod Sura liek?
Mind your own business
khalliek fi Halak
My address is .
Aenwani .
My number is .
nemret telefoani .
My party has left without me
el magmouAa meshyet men gheri
My room number is ...
nemret oaDti .
No smoking
mamnouA el tadkhien
Nothing happened
mafish Haga HaSalet
Nothing's new
mafish Haga gedida
On purpose
Aan asd
Be patient with me
khalliek Sâbour
Get to the point
edkhol fel mawdouA
Call me a cab
hat taxi
Speak up
Aalli Sotak
Stop following me!
baTTal temshi waraya
Wait until i finish
estanna lamma akhâllas
Show me
Sit down!
Speak slowly
etkallem berrâHâ
Stand up !
Stop here
o'af hena
Take me to the airport
khodni el mâTaar
Thank you for coming to meet me
shokran ennak geit
That bag is not mine
di mesh shAnTeti
That's too much !
dah ketier
That's very kind of you
dah karam mennak
The line is engaged
el khâT mashghoul
Watch out !
khalli balak
There has been a misunderstanding
fi sou' tafahom
There was nobody there
mafish Had hena
This is not clean
dah mesh neDief
We had a wonderful time
aDDeina wa't saAeed
What a magnificent view!
manzar ra'eA
What happened?
eih elli HâSâl?
What is the matter?
eih el Hekaya?
Where are you from?
enta menein
Whom am i speaking with?
mien beykalemni?
Who's this?
mien dah?
Will you be my guest ?
momken tob'a Deifi?
You've been a great help to me
enta saAeteni ketier
Don't worry
So = then
Sure = no problem
Ok = fine
mashi = Tayyeb
Not bad
mish baTTal
kalam faDi
bass kefaya
Exactly = 100%
bizzabT = meyya meyya
Bit by bit
shewayya shewayya
I'm broke
ana mefalles
Shame on you
Aeib Aalek
Are you crazy?
enta magnoun?
Have respect
eHterem nafsak
Bless you! (sneeze)
yarHâmkom âllâh
don't mention it
el Aafw
Do you have an e-mail address?
Aandak e-mail?
Have you visited Egypt before?
zort mâSr abl keda?
How are you?
From my point of view.
men weg-het nazari
Go away!
God bless you!
rabbena yebarkak
Happy anniversary
kol sana wenta Tâyyeb
Happy birthday!
Aeid milaad saAeid
Happy new year!
sana saAieda
Have a good time!
atmannalak wa't saAied
How lucky!
ya Hâzz!
I agree with you on that point
ana maAak fel râ'y
I apologize
ana assef
I beg your pardon
I did not mean that
ana ma'aSSatesh
I'd like to introduce .
a'addemlak .
I look forward to seeing you again
ashoufak baAdein
It has been a pleasure talking to you
tashârrâft bel kalam maAak
It's a disgrace
da Aar
It's all right
kollo tamam
Leave me alone!
sebni lewaHdi
Pleased to meet you
See you later
ela el leqaa'
See you next year!
ashoufak el sana el gayya
See you soon
ashoufak 'ourayyeb
That is exactly what i am looking for
dah bel zâbT elli kont badawwâr Aaleih
This has been a wonderful opportunity
forSa saAieda
This has not met my expectations
dah mesh Hasab tâwâqoAati
This may present a problem
dah momken yesabeb moshkela
What do you do for a living?
beteshtaghal eih?
Where shall we meet?
emta net'abel?
What kind of food do like best?
eih el akl elli betHebbu?
Would you like to join me for coffee?
momkin teshrâb ahwa maAaya?
You're welcome
el Aafw
You can't be serious!
betetkallem gadd?
You're crazy!
enta magnoun!

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