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Ptolemy I Soter I
(305-282 BC)

After Ptolemy I's takeover of Egypt, he managed to seize Alexander's corpse on its way back to Macedonia. Ptolemy just realized the political importance of the corpse and wanted to have it buried in Egypt. The body was finally buried in an unknown place in the Egyptian land, a puzzle that historians are trying to solve nowadays.

Ptolemy I
Ptolemy I
Ptolemy took the new city Alexandria as his capital. And in his reign Alexandria started to become the pearl of ancient world. It was in the center of the most civilized nations at that period, marked by the combination of Hellenic and Egyptian cultures. Alexandria attracted scholars from all over the world. Ptolemy I founded in Alexandria its famous ancient library, Bibliotecha Alexandria, in a successful attempt to collect the essence of the world culture. The fate of the library cannot be determined. Under the sponsorship of UNESCO, a new library was recently established to mark the ancient glory and recall the memory of the old library. It was opened at 16 October 2002.

Ptolemy started to build the PharosWhat does it mean?, the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, that later became on of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient WorldWhat does it mean?.
The Pharos
The Pharos
Ptolemy realized that the best way to strengthen his control for Egypt is to be one of them. So he respected the Egyptian religions and worshipped the same gods that Egyptians used to worship, thus ensuring the Egyptian popular support for him.

Generally, the Ptolemies mingled the Hellenic and Pharaonic styles; They appeared on coins in an entirely Hellenic style while being shown on temple reliefs with full Pharaonic trappings, just as ancient Pharaohs were doing.

Ptolemy I also introduced a new God, SerapisWho is this deity?, whose character combines features of Egyptian gods OsirisWho is this deity?, ApisWho is this deity? and those of the Greek gods.
Other Greek cities were established throughout the country. Moreover, the Greek language was introduced and became the dominant language among intellectuals. However the Egyptian population continued to use their own language.

An immaginary scene of Bibliotecha Alexandria
An immaginary scene of Bibliotecha Alexandria

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