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Ptolemy II Philadelphus
(285-246 BC)

Ptolemy II acted as a co-ruler during the life of his father Ptolemy I. He ascended the throne after his death.

Ptolemy and his sister-wife Arisnoe

Ptolemy and his sister-wife Arsinoe

Ptolemy II married his full-sister Arsinoe, a custom that'll be adopted henceforth by the Ptolemies.

Ptolemy II's rule was the most prosperous of the Ptolemies. He made widespread reforms in agriculture, economy and administration.

Ptolemy invited scholars to Alexandria and asked some of them to translate the Pentateuch to Greek as to be included in among other collections of the Alexandria library.

Ptolemy also restored the old canal that used to link between the Nile and the Red Sea. He ruled successfully for 38 years.


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