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Ptolemy IV Philopator
(222-205 BC)

The Seleucid king, Antiochus III, launched a war against Ptolemy IV in an attempt to take an advantage of the apparent weakness of the Egyptian Empire.

Antiochus III
Antiochus III

The Egyptian army was at these days comprising many of the foreign mercenaries. But this time, Ptolemy couldn't recruit sufficient numbers of them, and so he was forced to recruit Egyptian soldiers after training them.

The Egyptian soldiers showed a peerless bravery and power. Thanks to their strength, Ptolemy succeeded to defeat Antiochus III at the battle of Raphia.
After the battle, the Egyptians realized how strong they are and carried our series of national revolts in an attempt to reestablish the Pharaonic rule.

At the end of Ptolemy's rule, many troubles started to evolve. One of those troubles was a conspiracy that took place in the court.


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