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Abbasid Dynasty
(750 - 868 AD)
The Abbasids are descendents of Al-Abbas, uncle of Prophet Mohamed. They asserted themselves as rulers of the Moslem world in 750 AD and they conducted their rule from Iraq.

Harun Al-Rashid
Harun Al-Rashid, his luxury
was a legendary one
image 2004 ©
Driven by their hatred for the Umayyad dynasty on the belief that they represent the legitimacy in ruling Moslems, the Abbasids vigorously fought over the Umayyads.
Winning battle after another, they finally seized Al-Fustat, the then Arab capital of Egypt.
To disengage themselves from the past they don't recognize, the Abbasids found a new capital to the north of Al-Fustat. The new capital was called Al-Askar. By time the new capital became nothing but a normal extension of Al-Fustat.

Although the Abbasids encouraged openness policy all over the caliphateWhat does it mean?, they feared to lose their territories, so they secluded the role of Egypt and appointed short-term governors.
Successive governors knew they are going to stay for short time on power, accordingly directed their efforts to abuse their authority. The result was a widespread corruption. Moreover, their oppressive taxation policy caused revolts of both Copts and Moslem residents of Egypt.
Stone relief
Stone relief
from the Abbasid Era
Photo by Raymon Kondos ©

Abbasids started to lose control over Egypt also because of skirmishes erupted with the Byzantines and inside the army.
They attempted to make some reforms by introducing new taxation policies and new administration system.

Abbasids began using Turkic war slaves who were very loyal. They used those slaves to tighten grip on territories. However those slaves were preparing to actually rule rather than to be ruled. The emerging power of the Turkic generals led practically to the independence of Egypt under Ahmed ibn Tulun who established the semi-independent Tulunid dynasty in Egypt.

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