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Mohamed Ali Dynasty
Abbas I
ruled (1848 - 1854)
Abbas I

Abbas succeeded his grandfather, Mohamed Ali, as waliWhat does it mean? (viceroyWhat does it mean?) of Egypt in 1848.
Abbas had an unpleasant character. He was gallant and xenophobic. He directed his efforts to abolish all modernization and westernization paces taken by his grandfather. He expelled the foreign experts and closed secular schools. Abbas was regarding industry as a waste of money and so he gave much of his attention to agriculture.

In 1851, however, Abbas granted a railway concession to the British.
Unwilling to challenge the Ottomans anymore, Abbas worked to improve relations with the Ottoman Porte. He had an intention to restore Egypt to the Ottoman fold.

In his reign, negotiations with Ottomans took place over the introduction of a new Ottoman legal code.
Besides, Abbas sent an Egyptian force to support the Ottomans in the Crimean War.
In spite of all this pro-Ottoman inclination, Abbas still wanted to preserve the autonomy of his rule.

In 1854, Abbas was killed in obscure circumstances. Said, Abbas's uncle and son of Mohamed Ali, succeeded him.

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