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Mohamed Ali Dynasty
Hussein Kamel
ruled (1914 - 1917)
Hussein Kamel

After World War I erupted in 1914, Britain carried out some steps to strengthen its position in the war.

Hussein Kamel, Abbas's uncle, was appointed sultan of Egypt after the deposition of Abbas by the British. They also imposed restrictions over the political life of Egyptians. A British protectorate was finally imposed on Egypt. These moves brought to an end the nominal control of Egypt by the Ottomans.

On the other hand, Kitchener was replaced by Sir Henry McMahon as a High Commissioner. The martial laws were introduced and the military court began trying civilians. In 1916, Sir Reginald Wingate was appointed British High Commissioner in Egypt.

In 1917, Hussein Kamel died and was succeeded by King Fuad, his brother, and also son of Ismail PashaWhat does it mean?.

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