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Mohamed Ali Dynasty
ruled (1854 - 1863)

Said, Mohamed Ali's son, succeeded his nephew Abbas as a viceroyWhat does it mean?. Unlike Abbas, Said continued the modernization policies of his father.
In the first year of his rule, the new Ottoman legal code was finally implemented. Said also continued to support the Ottomans in the Crimean War with Egyptian troops.

Ferdinand De Lesseps
Ferdinand De Lesseps, French Engineer, who introduced the idea of Suez Canal
In the next year, Said had the new railway between Cairo and Alexandria completed and began further extensions in the railway project.
Said pursed efforts to Egyptianize the government so he replaced the Turkish language with Arabic in the administration.
He was also responsible for the reforms of land laws and the establishment of the first bank in Egypt.

In 1856, Said gave Ferdinand de Lesseps the Suez Canal concession.
The concession was unfavorable to Egypt. The Egyptian side was required to provide workers and diggers of whom more than 100 thousands died. Said had to secure a foreign loan in order to finance his share in the canal. This increased the Egyptian national debt.

De Lesseps offering his plan
An imaginary scene of De Lesseps offering his Canal plan to the Khedive
In 1857, other concessions were given to establish the telegram system and a Nile steamship company.

In 1858, the full railway line connecting between Cairo, Alexandria and Suez was opened.

Said died in 1863 and was succeeded by his other nephew Ismail, son of his brother Tusun.

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