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Archaic Period
(2920 - 2649 BC)
1st Dynasty                      2nd Dynasty
1st Dynasty
(2920 - 2770 BC)
The first of the dynasties. Historians are not agreeing on the names of kings of this dynasty, as sources also differ in mentioning their names.
King Narmer: He seems to be the first to unite Egypt under the rule of one leader. However, it's believed that the real unification didn't take place before the rule of the 2nd Dynasty King Kasekhemwy.

Narmer Palette
Narmer Palette
image 2004 ©
A palette called Narmer Palette was found in Hierakonpolis. The palette describes Narmer effort and victories. Narmer is believed to have married queen Neithotep. Historians presume that Neithotep is the mother of King Aha, the could-be second king of the first dynasty.
Narmer is also associated with the name Menes, whom historians believe is the same person. Narmer ruled Egypt for 62 years.

Thinis (currently Gerga) became the first Egyptian capitals during this dynasty. Memphis was also founded during this dynasty. Memphis is located on the west bank of the Nile south of Cairo. Memphis is a Greek name, however the Egyptian name of the city was Mennufer or Menfe which means "established and beautiful".

After Narmer, came the kings: Aha, Djer, Djet (Wadj), Den, Anedjib, Semerkhet, Qa'a. HorusWho is this deity?, the falcon God was prominently worshiped in this dynasty.

The first dynasty didn't succeed completely in uniting Egypt, as clans and independent groups resisted the process. However one cannot argue on its role in paving the way to the complete unification of Egypt in the 2nd dynasty.

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