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Archaic Period
(2920 - 2649 BC)
1st Dynasty                      2nd Dynasty
2nd Dynasty
(2770 - 2649 BC)
Kings of this dynasty continued to protect borders and curbing turmoil.
Not all the kings are legal heirs, as some are believed to be usurpers. Some ruled for long reigns and despite that few information were known about them.

Some built temples, attended festivals in Memphis. The most notable of Seth-Peribsen is establishment for a mortuary complex in Abydos
Some kings stopped worshipping HorusWho is this deity? considering God SethWho is this deity? instead.

Kasekhemwy built a tomb at Abydos. He was energetic in his military campaigns. He succeeded to crush rebels of the Lower Egypt and finally completed the task of uniting the country.

After that, an era of peace, stability and luxury was observed.


Limestone figure of the Pharaoh Khasekhem found at Hierakonpolis. It dates from the 2nd Dynasty and is the oldest surviving Egyptian Royal sculpture in stone (Ashmolean Museum)
Photo courtesy of The Egypt Archive

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