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1st Intermediate Period
(2150 - 2040 BC)
7th & 8th Dynasties 9th & 10th Dynasties 11th Dynasty
11th Dynasty
From Thebes
(2134 - 2040 BC)
Rulers of this dynasty who took Thebes (Luxor) as their capital were contemporaries to the Herakleopolitans of the 9th and 10th dynasties. They continue fighting the north from their side to unite the country until the formation of the Middle Kingdom.

After this long period of turmoil and disorder, Egypt was divided into 3 contemporary rules, Asiatics in the northeast Delta, Herakleopolitans in Middle Egypt and Thebans in Upper Egypt.

Herakleopolitan kings succeeded to drive away Asiatic Bedouins from the East. In the same time Theban kings gave an eye to NubiansWhat does it mean? and tended to defeat them. And because of these 2 efforts Egypt was again united. Theban kings finally attacked their Herakleopolitan opponents and that resulted into the fragile unification.

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