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1st Intermediate Period
(2150 - 2040 BC)
7th & 8th Dynasties 9th & 10th Dynasties 11th Dynasty
9th & 10th Dynasties
From Herakleopolis
(2134 - 2040 BC)

In the ninth and tenth dynasty, Asiatics in the east become stronger and extended their dominance to northeast of the Nile delta.

Khety I, founder of the dynasty was described as a cruel king and sometimes an insane one. He was strong enough to establish what they call it Akhtoy rule (the Achthoes), but this rule was dominant on middle portion of Egypt.

They took Herakleopolis as capital. In the south the Memphite rulers [at Memphis] were reigning. Another line of kings named Inyotef (11th Dynasty) got the power in Thebes (Luxor). The Dynasties in Middle Egypt and the eleventh dynasty at Thebes were contending and fight to unite Egypt.


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