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Late Period
(664 - 332 BC)
26th Dynasty 27th Dynasty 28th Dynasty
29th Dynasty 30th Dynasty 31st Dynasty
29th Dynasty
(399 - 380 BC)

After the death of Amyrtaeus of the 28th Dynasty, a new royal line ascended from Mendes. Nepherites I (Nefaarud I) (r. 399 - 393) founded this dynasty but left few traces of himself.
Then Achoris (Hakor) assumed power. Achoris (r. 393 - 380) founded many establishments in an attempt to revive the past.

At that time the arena was witnessing struggles between the Greeks, Spartans and Athenians from one side and Persians from the other side.
Achoris realized the Persian danger and allied himself with Greeks but internal conflict in Greece resulted in its feebleness and the mounting potency of Persia.

Finally the Greeks ceded their cities in Asia Minor and all other Greek territories were left in an autonomous state. Now that the power of Egypt's strong ally is fading, Persia again coveted Egypt.

Achoris, with the help of Greek warriors resisted Persian attacks and desperately Persia shifted their ambitions to Cyprus.

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