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Late Period
(664 - 332 BC)
26th Dynasty 27th Dynasty 28th Dynasty
29th Dynasty 30th Dynasty 31st Dynasty
31st Dynasty
Second Persian Period
(343 - 332 BC)
Artaxerxes III (r. 343 - 338) was the king of Persian when his army invaded Egypt. He personally led the invasion. Historians tell us how he initiated his rule in Egypt by imposing heavy taxes on people. He plundered the Egypt's treasures, slew sacred animals and demolished the walls of important cities.

He then rewarded the Greek mercenaries who aided him in the conquest and dismissed them to their lands.

Darius III
Darius III shown on a coin
Once again Persian kings were ruling Egypt remotely. Artaxerxes went back to Persia, leaving Pherendates as a satrap of Egypt.
Artaxerxes was poisoned by his intimate, Bagoas.

Artaxerxes' son, Arses (r. 338 - 336) was put in place but he was also poisoned by Bagoas after ruling for a mere 2 years.

Darius III (r. 335 - 332) assumed power and killed Bagoas and ruled for only 4 years. By the end of his rule, the Achaemenids power ended.
Moreover the Persian Empire faded away to pave the way for an entirely new era in the region.

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