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Old Kingdom
(2649 - 2150 BC)
3rd Dynasty       5th Dynasty
4th Dynasty       6th Dynasty
3rd Dynasty
(2649 - 2575 BC)
Sanakhte (r. 2649 - 2630 BC) is said to be the founder of this dynasty. Little information is known about him.

Limestone statue of
Djoser originally found
in the Serdab of
his Step Pyramid.
image courtesy of
The Egypt Archive
He was succeeded by Djoser (r. 2630 - 2611) whose era was a golden one. The Egyptian civilization witnessed a significant progress in fields of architecture, art and agriculture.
It was Djoser (Also known as Netjerykhet or Zoser or Tosorthos) who built the first pyramid of its kind in Egypt at Saqqara, the great step pyramid. And it was his vizierWhat does it mean?, engineer and architect ImhotepWho is this deity?, who was responsible fo this task. Imhotep was a high priest of God PtahWho is this deity? as well.

The building was part of a big complex at Saqqara. The complex includes also temples, halls and gazebos, corridors.
Djoser also fought conquerors on eastern (nomads) and western borders (Libyans) and sent military campaigns to NubiaWhat does it mean? in the south.
Afterwards pyramids became a phenomenon of Old Kingdom kings, as each of them tended to build one at least to immortalize his name.

Sekhemkhet (r. 2611 - 2603) built an unfinished pyramid in Saqqara. His successor Huni (r. 2599 - 2575) built a pyramid in Meidum, 50 km (31 miles) south of Saqqara. This pyramid was probably completed by King Snefru, as Huni died before completing it.
He married Meresankh who gave born to Snefru, the first king of the fourth dynasty.

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