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2nd Intermediate Period
(1783 - 1550 BC)
13th Dynasty 14th Dynasty 15th Dynasty
16th Dynasty 17th Dynasty
14th Dynasty
from Xois
(? -1640 BC)
A number of 76 kings are said to have ruled this dynasty, according to Egyptian historian, Manetho.

The circumstances at that time tell us about the deterioration of the situation.

It was clear that Asiatics started to settle in eastern Delta and started a dynasty that is said to be contemporary to this dynasty.
This royal house established their reign alongside the 13th dynasty.

However, they were ruling in the central Delta at Xois (currently Sakha).

The most famous Xoite kings is Nehesy who left us a stelaWhat does it mean? dedicated to god SethWho is this deity? describing him as the god of Avaris (eastern Delta capital of the Asiatics). The dynasty soon fell as the HyksosWhat does it mean? swayed the country.

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