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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has origin in foreign languages or similar, and others used in these languages but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
Abbreviations in the "Word" column stand for the languages using the word as follows:

  (e) = English
  (f) = French
  (it) = Italian
  (sp) = Spanish
  (pr) = Portuguese

Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Echarpe (f) Esharp Women's scarf  
Emir (e) Ameer    
Europa (it) Oroppa    
Fabbrica (it) Fabrica Factory (car)  
Fakir (e) Fakeer Poor of Arabic origin
Falso (it) Falso False  
Famiglia (it) Familia Family Occasionally used
Fattura (it) Fatura Invoice  
Fax (e) Fax    
Fedayee, Fedayeen (e) Feda'ee Arab commando (s) of Arabic origin
Fellah (e) Fallah Peasant of Arabic origin
Felucca (e) Faluka   of Arabic origin
Fianella (it) Fanella Undershirt, (flannel)  
Fiche (f) Feesh Chips  
Filet (f) Fileah Steak  
Filter (e) Felter    
Firman (e) Faraman Decree old use
Folklore (e) Folklore    
Garage (e) Garaj    
Garçon (f) Garsoan Waiter  
Gateau (f) Gatoah Cake  
Gazelle (e) Gazaal    
General (e) Jeneral General (army rank)  
Ghoul (e) Ghoul Evil demon in Arab myths of Arabic origin
Giacchetta (it) Jaketta Jacket  
Gonnella (it) Gonella Skirt  
Gouache (f) Gowash Type of color painting  
Goulash (f) Gollash Oriental pastry  
Granite (e) Graneet    
Guanti (it) Gwanti Gloves  
Guava (e) Gwafa    
Hajj (e) Hagg Pilgrimage, Pilgrim of Arabic origin
Hakim (e) Hakeem A wise man, A physician of Arabic origin
Hareem, Harem (e) Hareem Women of Arabic origin
Hashish (e) Hasheesh Famous drug of Arabic origin
Hatch back (e) Hatsh baak A hatch back vehicle  
Headphone (e) Hedfoan    
Henna (e) Henna reddish orange dye for hair of Arabic origin
Hotel (e) Hotel    
Houri (e) Houreyya A nymph of Arabic origin
Imam (e) Imam Religious leader of Arabic origin
Imperatore (it) Emperatoar Emperor  
Influenza (e) Infelwanza    
Insalata (it) Salata Salad  
Internet (e) Enternet    
Intifada (e) Intefada Palestinian uprising against Israel of Arabic origin
Islam (e) Eslam    
Pages: ( A—B  .  C—D  .  E—I  .  J—M  .  N—R  .  S—Z)

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