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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has English origin or similar, and others used in English but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
English Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Aerial Airyal Antenna  
Afreet Afreet Demon, Naughty boy  
Agenda Agenda    
Album Alboam    
Alcohol Alcohol   of Arabic origin
Algebra Algabr   of Arabic origin
Allah Allah God  
Aluminum Alomonyom    
Amber Anbar    
America Amrica USA  
Anemia Anemia    
Antica Antika Antiquity,Old valuables  

ArabesqueWhat does it mean?

Arrack Arack Arabic liquor  
Arsenal Arsenal   of Arabic origin
Asphalt Asfalt    
Aspirin Aspreen    
Atlas Atlas    
Autobus Autobees    
Automatic Automatic    
Automobile Automobeel Car no longer used
Bachelor Bakaloryous B.Sc.  
Baksheesh Baksheesh Tips of Persian origin
Bank Bank    
Barbecue Barbaicue    
Baron Baroan    
Basketball Basketball    
Bazaar Bazaar    
Beach buggy Bitch buggy    
Benzene Banzeen Gas, Petrol  
Billion Bilion    
Bint Bent Girl of Arabic origin
Biscuits Baskoat Cookies  
Blazer Blaizer    
Boss Boss    
Bouquet Bouquet    
Bravo Bravo Well-done  
Brooch Brosh Breast pin  
Bulbul Bolbol Nightingale of Arabic origin
Bulldozer Buldozer    
Burnoose ,Burnus Burnus    
Cable Cabl Cable  
Cadi Cadi Judge  
Cafeteria Cafeteria    
Caftan Koftan A long full robe of Persian origin
Camel Gamal   of Arabic origin
Camera Camera    
Camise Camees Shirt  
Canal Canal, Canah Waterway  
Canary Canary    
Cans Kaans Beverage tins  
Canteen Canteen    
Cap Cap    
Capote Cappout Hood, Bonnet  
Captain Capten    
Caravan Caravan    
Cash Cash    
Pages: ( 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 )
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