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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has English origin or similar, and others used in English but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
English Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Casino Cazino    
Casseruola Cassarola Casserole  
Cassette Kasett Tape recorder  
Casual Cajwal    
Central Centraal Telephone central  
Ceramic Serameek    
Chalet Shalaih Cottage  
Chic Sheek Stylish  
Chips Chepsy Potato chips  
Christmas Krismas    
Cigar Sigar    
Cinema Sinima    
Cipher Sefr Zero of Arabic origin
Classic Classic    
Coach Cotsh Trainer, Master  
Coffin Caffan    
Cognac Conyac    
Coiffeur Coiffeur Women hairdresser  
Coleman Colman Water Cooler, Big thermos  
Commandos Comandoz    
Computer Computer    
Console Console Console table  
Consul Consul    
Copra Copra    
Corban Corban   in christianity
Cordon Cordon, Cardon    
Cornice Cornaish Frame  
Corsage Corsaaj    
Cotton Qotn   of Arabic origin
Cream Cream    
Cumin Cammoun    
Delta Delta River mouth  
Dervish Darwish    
Dictator Dectatoar    
Diploma Diploma, Diploam    
Disco Disco    
Dish Desh Dish antenna  
Doctor Doctor, Doctoar    
Douche Dosh Shower of Italian origin "doccia"
Duke Doak    
Emir Ameer    
Fakir Fakeer Poor of Arabic origin
Fax Fax    
Fedayee, Fedayeen Feda'ee Arab commando of Arabic origin
Fellah Fallah Peasant of Arabic origin
Felucca Faluka   of Arabic origin
Filter Felter    
Firman Faraman Decree old use
Folklore Folklore    
Garage Garaj    
Gazelle Gazaal    
General Jeneral General (army rank)  
Ghoul Ghoul Evil demon in Arab myths of Arabic origin
Granite Graneet    
Guava Gwafa    
Pages: ( 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 )
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