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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has English origin or similar, and others used in English but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
English Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Million Milion    
Minaret Minarah, Manara Mosque towers  
Minibus Minibus    
Mobile Mobayel Cell phone  
Model Modail    
Moslem Moslem    
Motor Motoar    
Motorcycle Motocycl    
Muezzin Mo'azzin A crier who calls Moslems to prayer of Arabic origin
Mufti Mofti Moslem legal adviser  
Mug Mug    
Nazi Nazi    
Neon lamp Lampa neyon    
Night club Nayet club Discotheque  
Omelet Omlait    
Opera Opera    
Operetta Operait    
Organ Org    
Organizer Organayzer   newly arabized
Overall Overoal Uniforms (especially army)  
Oxygen Oxegeen    
Panda Panda    
Panorama Panorama    
Pantaloon Pantaloan    
Pantofle Pantofli Slipper  
PashaWhat does it mean? Pasha Pasha  
Passport Passpoar    
Pastrami Pasterma    
Pedal Paddal    
Pension Pansion Pension  
Perfume Parfan    
Petrol Petroal    
Piano Piano    
Pizza Pitza    
Police Polees    
Portrait Portraih    
Potatoes Pataates    
Protocol Protocol    
Pullover Pollover    
Purée Pourée    
Radio Radyo    
Reportage Reportaj News reporting  
Rheumatism Romatism    
Roast beef Roz beef    
Robe Robe    
Safari Safari Hunting expedition of Arabic origin
Salaam Salaam Peace of Arabic origin
Salad Salata    
Salami Salami Salami  
Sale Sail Price reduction newly arabized
Samba Samba Brazilian dance  
Sandal Sandal    
Sandwich Sandwitch    
Sardine Sardeen    
Sash Shash   of Arabic origin
Sauna Sawna    
Pages: ( 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 )
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