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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has English origin or similar, and others used in English but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
English Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Sayyid Sayyed Master, Mr., Lord, sometimes Jesus of Arabic origin
Scenario Seinario    
Sellotape Selotape Tape, Selotape  
Shadoof What does it mean? Shadoof Shadoof of Arabic origin
Sheik, Sheikh What does it mean? Sheikh Old man  
Sherbet Sharbat A flavoured sweet drink of Arabic origin
Shish Kebab Sheesh kabab   of Turkish origin
Shopping Shopping    
Shopping center Shopping center Mall  
Sketch Sketsh    
Spaghetti Spaghetti    
Sport Spoar Informal wear, Stylish used only as adjective
Stable Establ Livestock stable  
Stadium Stadio Stad Stadium  
Stereo Sterio    
Sticker Sticker    
Stop watch Stop watch    
Studio Stodio    
Sultan Soltaan Sultan of Arabic origin
Sultana Soltana   of Arabic origin
Supermarket Supermarket    
Sura Sura Chapters of Koran  
Sweater Swaiter    
T-Shirt Tea Shirt    
Tabla Tabla Drum of Arabic origin
Tableau Tabloah Picture, portrait  
Take away Take away    
Tarbush, Tarboosh Tarboosh A fez of Arabic origin
Tazza Tasa Frying pan  
Telegraph Telleghraf    
Telephone Telefoan    
Telex Telex    
Terrace Terras    
Thermos Termos Tormos    
Thermostat Termostat    
Tobacco pipe Payep    
Toilette Twalett Toilet, Make-up  
Torch Torsh    
Training Training Track suit  
Tram Tram Metro  
Transit Tranzeet    
Turbine Torbeen Type of engine  
Ulama Olamaa Scientists of Arabic origin
Varnish Warnish Shoe polish  
Vase Vaso Vaza    
Veranda Varanda    
Video Vedio VCR  
Villa Vella    
Wadi Wadi Valley of Arabic origin
Walkman Wokman    
Whisky Whisky    
Winch Winsh    
Yacht Yakht    
Zinc Zink    
Pages: ( 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 )
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