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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has French origin or similar, and others used in French but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
French Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Abat jour Aba joara Spotlight  
Affiche Affeesh Billboard  
Ascenseur Asansair Elevator, Lift  
Atelier Atelyeh Artist's workroom  
Au revoir Oh revwar Goodbye among high classes
Auberge Oberj Hotel name of a famous hotel in Egypt
Autobus Autobees    
Baignoire Benwar Theatre box see Loge
Bonbon Bonboani Candies  
Bouquet Bouquet    
Boutique Boateek Small shops  
Buffet Boufeah Buffet (meal served)  
Cable Cabl Cable  
Cadeau Cadooh Gift among high classes
Cadre Cadr Frame  
Cantaloupe Cantaloap Cantaloupe  
Capote Cappout Hood, Bonnet  
Carte Cart Card  
Cartouche Khartoush Cartridge  
Casquette Casketta Cap  
Chaise-longue Chaise long    
Chalet Shalaih Cottage  
Chauffeur Chauffeur    
Chic Sheek Stylish  
Cirque Serk Circus  
Coiffeur Coiffeur Women hairdresser  
Combinaison Compelizon Slip, Lingerie  
Corsage Corsaaj    
Echarpe Esharp Women's scarf  
Fiche Feesh Chips  
Filet Fileah Steak  
Garçon Garsoan Waiter  
Gateau Gatoah Cake  
Pages: ( 1 - 2 )
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