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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has French origin or similar, and others used in French but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
French Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Gouache Gowash Type of color painting  
Goulash Gollash Oriental pastry  
Journal Gornaal Newspaper  
Loge Loaj Theatre box see Baignoire
Madame Madaam Married woman  
Mademoiselle Madmowazail Unmarried girl, Miss  
Maillot Mayouh Swimming suit  
Maitre Metr A lawyer  
Maitre d'hôtel Maitre d'hôtel Hotel manager not used so much
Manchette Manshett Paper headlines  
Mannequin Manikan Manikin  
Maquette Makett Small model  
Maquillage Mekyaj Make-up  
Massage Massaj Body rub  
Matinée Matineeh Daytime play  
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise Mayonnaise  
Merci Merci Thank you among higher classes
Metro Metro Metro, Subway  
Milliard Milliar US bilion  
Occasion Okazion Sale (price reduction)  
Papa Noel Papa nowail Santa Claus  
Piscine Piseen Swimming pool  
Plage Plaj Beach  
Portrait Portraih    
Poudre Podra Powder  
Purée Pourée    
Regime Regime, rogime Diet  
Reportage Reportaj News reporting  
Roquefort Rekfor Type of French cheese  
Rouge Rouj Lipstick  
Salon Saloan Reception  
Secretaire Sekertair Secretary  
Séchoir Seshwar Hair dryer  
Soiree Swareeh Evening play  
Soutien Sontian Bra  
Sucre Sokkar Sugar of Arabic origin
Tableau Tabloah Picture, portrait  
Television Televezion Television  
Toilette Twalett Toilet, Make-up  
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