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Words used in Egypt's Arabic language that has origin in foreign languages or similar, and others used in these languages but were derived from Arabic.
Click on the Arabic pronunciation to hear the desired word.
Abbreviations in the "Word" column stand for the languages using the word as follows:

  (e) = English
  (f) = French
  (it) = Italian
  (sp) = Spanish
  (pr) = Portuguese

Word Arabic Pronunciation Meaning Comments
Jasmine (e) Yasmin   of Arabic origin
Jeans (e) Jeans, Jens    
Jeep (e) T Jeep A 4WD vehicle of any other models
Jihad (e) Gehad Struggle, Holy war of Arabic origin
Jinni (e) Ghenni Demon, Naughty of Arabic origin
Journal (f) Gornaal Newspaper  
Kaffir, Kafir (e) Kafer Infidel of Arabic origin
Karate (e) Karateh Martial sport  
Kebab (e) Kabab   of Turkish origin
Kilogram, Gram (e) Kilogram, Gram    
Kilometer, Meter (e) Kilometr, Metr    
Kohl (e) Kohl Eyeliner, Eyeshadow of Arabic origin
Koran (e) Kor'an Moslem's holy book of Arabic origin
Kung Fu (e) Kong fu Martial sport  
Lampada (it) Lampa Lamp  
Lasagna (it) (e) Lazania Italian pasta  
Lemon (e) Lamoon    
Limonata (e) Lamonata Lemonade  
Loge (e) (f) Loaj Theatre box see loge
Lorry (e) Lorry    
Luncheon (e) Lunshon Type of cold-cuts  
Macaroni (it) (e) Macarona    
Macchina (it) Makeena Machine  
Madame (f) (e) Madaam Married woman  
Mademoiselle (f) (e) Madmowazail Unmarried girl, Miss  
Maestro (it) (e) Mayestro Music conductor  
Mafia (it) (e) Mafia Italian gangs  
Maillot (e) (f) Mayouh Swimming suit  
Maitre (f) Metr A lawyer  
Maitre d'hôtel Maitre d'hôtel Hotel manager not used so much
Majlis (e) Magles Assembly of Arabic origin
Make-up (e) Make-up   among high classes
Malaria (it) Malaria Malaria  
Mall (e) Moal   newly arabized
Manchette (f) Manshett Paper headlines  
Mango (e) (it) Manga    
Manifesto (e) (it) Manifesto    
Mannequin (e) (f) Manikan Manikin  
Maquette (f) (e) Makett Small model  
Maquillage (f) (e) Mekyaj Make-up  
Marca (it) Marca Model  
Mascara (it) Maskhara Eye-cosmetic used to mock women's exaggerated make-up
Mask (e) Mask    
Massage (e) (f) Massaj Body rub  
Mastaba (e) Mastaba A bench of Arabic origin
Matinée (f) Matineeh Daytime play  
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise Mayonnaise  
Meccanico (it) Meccaniki Mechanical  
Medaglia (it) Madelia or Medalia Medal  
Medina (e) Madina City of Arabic origin
Merci (f) (e) Merci Thank you among higher classes
Metro (e) (f) Metro Metro, Subway  
Microbus (e) Microbus    
Milliard (f) Milliar US bilion see billion
Million (e) Milion    
Minaret (e) Minarah, Manara Mosque towers  
Minibus (e) Minibus    
Mobile (e) Mobayel Cell phone  
Mobilia (it) Mobilia Furniture  
Model (e) Modail    
Mortadella (it) Mortadella Italian pork cold-cuts  
Moslem (e) Moslem    
Mostarda (it) Mostarda Mustard  
Motor (e) Motoar    
Motorcycle (e) Motocycl    
Mozzarella (it) Motzarella Italian cheese  
Muezzin (e) Mo'azzin A crier who calls Moslems to prayer of Arabic origin
Mufti (e) (it) Mofti Moslem legal adviser  
Mug (e) Mug    
Musica (it) Moseeka Music  
Pages: ( A—B  .  C—D  .  E—I  .  J—M  .  N—R  .  S—Z)

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