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Issue 1 (15 January 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue
Food Habits in Egyptian Key Events
Feasts are very much linked to food in Egypt. Egyptians do eat specific types of food on certain occasions. This is something that Egyptians inherited from their ancestors thousands of years ago.

Food also has a symbolic role and in many cases the type of food and drink may not be delicious but ... Continue
Archaeology Watch

Saqqara Pyramid
4000-year-old tomb of Egyptian official unearthed at Saqqara

Archaeologists unearthed a stone tomb of an Old Kingdom official at Saqqara , about 30 kms (18 miles) to the southwest of Cairo.
The tomb belongs to Ny-Ankh-Nefertem who was identified in his tomb as ... Continue

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UK's Blair and family spend New Year vacation in Egypt
CAIRO ( - UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and his family have flown to Egypt for holiday since Christmas. Egyptian Tourism Minister Mamdouh El-Beltagui confirmed the news and said Blair headed to Sharm El-Sheikh, the famous Red Sea resort. In recent years Blair and family were keen to spend their New Year holiday at the resort ...
A Woman with the Lamp of Aladdin
One day a woman found Aladdin’s magic lamp. She rubbed it in enthusiasm. A genie emerged and said ...

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