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Jokes of the Issue
A Woman with the Lamp of Aladdin

One day a woman found Aladdin’s magic lamp. She rubbed it in enthusiasm. A genie emerged and said:
• Here I am … I am ready to …
Forget about that crab! … I already know what you would say. I want to say the 3 wishes quickly.
• OK … but on one condition.
• Your husband will take ten times anything you get!
No problem … I agree. First wish: I want to be the most beautiful woman on earth.
• OK … but take care your husband would be the most handsome man in the world and women would pursue him.
Hey … I don’t care! I would still be the most beautiful woman … shut up and carry out.
• Ok … glglglglglgla … (in few seconds the woman becomes the most beautiful on earth).
My second wish: I want to be the richest woman on earth.
• But take care! … your husband would be the richest man on earth …
You talk too much!
• Ok Ok … glaglaglagla … (she became the richest woman on earth).
My third wish: Let me have a minor heart stroke!

During engagement and honeymoon:
He talks … she listens

One year after marriage:
She talks … he listens

Rest of life:
Both talk … the whole world listens.

What do you think the difference between men and asses?
Answer: Certainly asses don’t turn to men after marriage!

What is the difference between a rebellious women and a terrorist?
You can negotiate with a terrorist!

A woman needs 4 animals in her lifetime: A Turkey in the freezer. A Jaguar in the garage. A fox to wear its fur on her shoulders and an ass to pay for all that.

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