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List of Issues | Issue 10 (1 January 2009)    
   Topic of the Issue

The Egyptian Movie Industry: Dreaming of the Golden Years
Since 1908, the Egyptian film industry has dominated the Middle East, producing more than 4,000 movies over eight decades. The first full-length silent movie from the early years is Layla, produced in 1927 ... Continue

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The Egyptian Oriental Belly-Dance: Beauty Expressed in Movement (issue 8)
Egyptian Traits - Part III: Sense of Family
(issue 9)

Archaeology Watch
Queen's pyramid discovered in Egypt
Egyptian archeologists have announced the discovery of a 4,300-year-old pyramid believed to be that of Queen Sesheshet which ruled Egypt ... Continue

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619 Ancient Artifacts Retrieved by Egypt (issue 9)

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Egypt sees 2008 visitor numbers up 19 pct to 13 mln
CAIRO (REUTERS) - Egypt expects to receive about 13 million visitors in 2008, 19 percent more than in 2007, a Tourism Ministry official said on Wednesday.
Income from tourism in 2008 will be $11.6 billion, 23 percent up on 2007, added the official ...
Trying to buy a TV
A Saidi entered an appliance store and said to the salesman, "I want to buy that TV." The salesman replied …

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