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Trying to buy a TV

Note: An Upper Egyptian, a Saidi, is usually the butt of Egyptian jokes. He is given the same treatment as the “hick” from Alabama, or the Irish in the UK.

A Saidi entered an appliance store and said to the salesman, "I want to buy that TV."
The salesman replied, "I don't sell to Saidis.” Angered by his refusal the Saidi left determined to buy the TV another time.

After waiting three days, the Saidi went back to the store wearing a beard. He went up to a different salesman and said, “I want to buy that TV.” The salesman gave the same answer, saying "We don't sell to Saidis.”

Now furious, the Saidi went home, shaved, put on a dress and makeup, and returned to the store dressed as a woman. He walked up to a third salesman and said, “I want to buy that TV.” Once again, the salesman refused. Puzzled, the Saidi said, "I've changed my disguise three times and gone to three different salesmen. How did you know I was a Saidi?"

The salesman said, "Sir, this is a microwave."

Teacher: "Which animal makes a loud noise in the morning and wakes us up?" Student: "My dad."
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