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Quotes of the Issue
"It is true that Egypt has a Smart Village, but it is also true Egypt has many dumb villages."
Sayyed Ali, Alahram, December 6, 2008, commenting on Egypt’s own Silicon Valley
"Our women are on the negative side ... they consume not produce .. they are flirted with but not initiating flirts ... they receive love letters but do not write them ... they give birth to 10 children from their men without looking at their faces or even recognizing their eye color ."
Dr. Soad Al-Sabbah, Akhbar Al-Adab, December 7, 2008

"I propose to lock up zoo visitors in cages and set animals free to watch them, and I am confident that animals will show well behavior towards the caged humans."
Ahmed Ragab, Al-Akhbar, December 7, 2008

. Mistakes of a man are several ... mistakes of a woman are only two
(issue 1)
. How can I be married to a woman that neglected ... (issue 2)
. If we want democracy, we have to throw ourselves in it ... (issue 3)
. If two women whispered … be sure it’s a conspiracy against a third woman. (issue 4)
. Don't be sad your roses have spikes . be happy your spikes have roses. (issue 5)
. If you decided not to choose, then you have made a bad choice
(issue 6)
. Women prefer to be beautiful rather than intelligent: because men gaze and don't use their mind (issue 7)
. Your key to happiness to not through resolving your problems (issue 8)
. How could an actor or a soccer player gains self-confidence (issue 9)

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