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Issue 2 (1 February 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

Egyptian Matrimony: Man Got to Do it All
Marriage traditions have a long history in Egypt that may be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Arab traditions.
As well as getting to change gradually, marriage traditions in Egypt vary geographically ... Continue

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Food Habits in Egyptian Key Events (issue 1)

Archaeology Watch

Thousands of antiquities retrieved from sunken city at the Mediterranean Sea

A French expedition team has recently recovered underwater artifacts at Abu-Qir bay near Alexandria. The antiquities date back to the 3rd-5th ... Continue

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4000-year-old tomb of Egyptian official unearthed at Saqqara (issue 1)

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Bill Gates, world's richest man, visits Egypt
CAIRO ( - Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp., visited Egypt in the past week for the first time. Gates took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos s, Switzerland, and decided to visit Egypt on his way back to USA.
The Brothers Who Bought Two Horses
Mohamed and Hassan are brothers who decided to buy two horses. Mohamed: Did you mark your horse ....

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