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Proverb of the Issue
Those who were ashamed are already dead
Egyptian proverb

The proverb describes dissatisfaction of the speaker about certain behavior of someone. That behavior usually reflects a lack of conscious or misconduct.

The story of the proverb is old. It is said that a fire erupted at some public bath for women some day in Cairo . Women trapped inside had to choose between two options, whether to die inside the bath or escape out naked.

So those who were ashamed decided to die rather than going naked on to the public, while those who preferred to live went out of the blaze but fully nude.

Bystanders commented Those who were ashamed are already dead.

Example 1:
- How come that young boy smoke cigarettes in front of his parents?
- Those who were ashamed are already dead.
[It is a disgraceful thing to do]

Example 2:
- Oh Shit! The shop owner sold me that can with double its original price.
- Those who were ashamed are already dead.
[The man got no conscience]
. Eyes can see but hands can't get (issue 1)

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