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Quotes of the Issue
"How can I be married to a woman that neglected her house and her husband for the sake of a person that she met in an internet chat?"
An Egyptian man commenting on divorcing his wife
"Laughter does not solve problems ... but it eases failure"
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Jan 23, 2004
"Stay away from those who undermine your ambition"
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Jan 23, 2004
"Love is a fate that you might meet or not ... that can make you happy or sad … that can bring you life or kill you ... but at no circumstances can you prevent it."
M. Lazikan, Asharq Alawsat newspaper - Jan 24, 2004
"It looks like books would be beaten sooner or later"
Hamed Taher, deputy president of Cairo University - Jan 23, 2004
. Mistakes of a man are several ... mistakes of a woman are only two
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