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Archaeology Watch
New Kalabsha Island Turns into an Open-Air Museum.
Sunday, February 15 (Issue 3)
by Raymon Kondos

CAIRO ( - Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said a project to develop the archaeological monuments of The New Kalabsha Island has just been completed.

Kalabsha Temple
Temple of Kalabsha on the island of New Kalabsha

According to the culture minister, the island would be turned into an open air museum of Pharaonic and Roman antiquities after completing all restoration work.

New Kalabaha Island is some few kms south of Aswan, the southernmost Egyptian city in the Nile Valley. The Kalabsha temple, which is the main attraction of the island, was relocated in the 1960s to its new site following the decision to build the High Dam and fears the monument might be inundated by the river waters forever.

The temple, whose building probably began in the 15th century BC, now overlooks the artificial Nasser Lake.

The island has several other attractions including Beit El-Wali temple built by the most famous Pharaoh King Ramesses II (r. 1290 – 1224 BC) and several petroglyphs with prehistoric carving of animals.

Egyptian Antiques Exhibition in Paris, Toronto.
Sunday, February 15 (Issue 3)

by Raymon Kondos

CAIRO ( - Egypt will hold an exhibition for antiquities in Paris starting next October and lasting for 6 months.
The exhibition, which bears the title of “Glories of the Pharaohs,” is expected to showcase new artifacts.

Amenhotep III
A quartzite head of Amenhotep III among antiquities featured in Toronto 's exhibition

The Egyptian government said the exhibition would be hosted by the Arab World Institute in Paris. It has been decided that revenues of the exhibition would be allocated to the promotion of Egyptian and Arab culture in Europe.

Meanwhile, another exhibition will be held in Canadian city of Toronto from Feb 28 to June 6. The exhibition, which will be set at the Royal Ontario Museum, will tour other Canadian cities later on. It would showcase 144 artifacts borrowed from the British Museum in London including coffins, sculpture, papyri, jewelry and mummy masks.

The exhibition, titled Eternal Egypt, span over 3’500 years of Ancient Egypt, from the Predynastic Period to The Roman Era.

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