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List of Issues | Issue 3 (15 February 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

The Egyptian Identity: Pharoahs, Moslems, Arabs, Africans, Middle Easterners or Mediterranean People?
Who are Egyptians? The simple answer would be like that: Egyptians are descendants of Pharaohs. Egypt which has a majority of Moslems is located in the African continent ... Continue

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Archaeology Watch

New Kalabsha Island Turns into an Open-Air Museum

Egyptian Culture Minister said a project to develop the archaeological monuments of New Kalabsha Island has just ... Continue

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Pharaonic Party wants to join political life in Egypt … giving up Arabism
CAIRO ( - A group of intellectuals have formed a party called Masr Al-Om (Egypt the Motherland) which highlights the Pharaonic identity of Egypt at the expense of other identities. The group intends to present an official bid to the ...
Egyptian Girls
When you are engaged: If you tried to kiss her, you are impolite. If you didn’t, you are not a man ...

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