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Jokes of the Issue
Egyptian Girls

When you are engaged:

  • If you tried to kiss her, you are impolite. If you didn’t, you are not a man.
  • If you flirted with her, you are a Don Juan and can’t be trusted. If you didn’t, you are a blind fool who doesn’t care about her.
  • If you visited her much often, you are too pushy. If you didn’t, then you are not interested in her.
  • If you care about your looks and dress very well, you are vain. If you are not chic, you are a messy guy.
  • If you bought her many presents, then you are trying to buy her. If you didn’t, you are stingy.
  • If you are jealous, you’d be considered stupidly ardent. If you were not jealous at all, you are insensate.

If a woman asked about your opinion on her look, you must know the last thing she wants to hear is the truth!

When women become so clear like an open book, you would have reached an age that your eyes can barely see.

It is difficult to argue with a woman when she is tired, but it is impossible to argue with her when she is sober and conscious.

How a man be considered cooperative in cleaning the house?
- By lifting his leg when his wife sweeps the floor below them.

What is the common between man and in woman in their 40s?
- A woman tries to give birth to a child to prove she is still young.
- A man tries to marry a young girl for the same reason.

Everything you bring home has an operating manual, except your wife.

. A Woman with the Lamp of Aladdin (issue 1)
. The Brothers Who Bought Two Horses (issue 2)

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