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Proverb of the Issue
Turn the Pot on its Mouth, and the Girl will Resemble Her Mother.
Egyptian proverb

The Egyptian proverb means that if you lock up a girl with her mother for a long time, she is likely to acquire the very same personal traits of hers.
The proverb is much applicable on sole daughters who live with their mothers and do not interact much with other people.

This proverb is similar to the famous English proverb of “Like father, like son.”

Example 1:
- That girl is very malicious
- Turn the pot on its mouth, and the girl will resemble her mother.
[She is as malicious as her mother]

Example 2:
- Sarah: Why can’t you watch your weight?.
- Mona: Turn the pot on its mouth, and the girl will resemble her mother.
[I can’t help it. I am just like my mother]

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